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Have a nice day! Date: Jan 10th @ 2:40am EST
I want to wish you a good, successful, kind, bright, fun, interesting, amazing and happy day. May you succeed in reaching your goal together, may everything be on your shoulder today, may your love help to turn mountains and create an eternal paradise for two.
Hey, Hey, Hey ! Would you like to take a couple of selfies in this place ? Waitomo Caves, New Zealand Date: Jan 9th @ 12:36am EST
Waitomo caves are about 150 branches and limestone grottoes, many of which can only be reached by boat. Scientists believe they are about two million years old. The most famous and popular among tourists cave â" Grotto of fireflies, whose vaults are often compared to the starry sky. All thanks to the huge number of fireflies Arachnocampa Luminosa, which can be found only in New Zealand.
Would you like to spend the night here with me? Hotel de Glass, Canada Date: Jan 8th @ 1:11am EST
You may already have heard of the famous ice hotel in Quebec. It is believed that this is one of the most romantic places on the planet, so hundreds (if not thousands) of couples come here annually to get married. It is made entirely of 20 tons of snow and ice. Every year in December they begin to rebuild it in order to receive the first guests in early January. Which, incidentally, before check-in instruct how not to get frostbite during your stay at the hotel.
I came across an interesting fact about the series "Friends", do you know about him? Date: Jan 7th @ 12:12am EST
The storyline with the triplets that Phoebe endured for her brother was urgently inscribed in the script in connection with the actual pregnancy of Lisa Kudrow.
Hey Hey Hey! Guys, have you already decided with whom would you like to go to this place?) Corinth Canal, Greece Date: Jan 5th @ 10:52pm EST
The Corinth Canal is the narrowest shipping channel in the world. It connects the bay of the same name with the Gulf of Saronikos, which allowed ships in the XIX century to reduce their route by 400 kilometers. Today, the canal is infrequently used for its intended purpose, because it is too narrow, but tourists have chosen the place. From May to September, anyone can take a jump with insurance from an automobile or railway bridge over the canal. Bungee jumping is a popular attraction. Usually extreme lovers choose a maximum length jump - with a head touching the water.
Start working on your body Date: Jan 5th @ 2:12am EST
Nothing prevents you from changing yourself. Most likely, you are already familiar with sports and even played for some time, but why didnât bring the matter to the result? Well, nothing, there is time. start today
Hey Hey hey! How do you like the idea of having a picnic here? 😘 Flathead Lake USA Date: Jan 4th @ 12:14am EST
Flathead Lake in Montana is the largest body of water in America, covering an area of 510 km². In addition, it is the most transparent lake in the world - it seems that it is shallow, but in fact its depth can reach 113 meters. This place is very popular among fishing enthusiasts, because in clear water you can always see fish - trout and perch.
Would you like to live in a tent for a couple of days in this place? 😍 Yellowstone National Park, USA Date: Jan 3rd @ 2:53am EST
Yellowstone Park is located on the territory of three states at once: for the most part in Wyoming, as well as in Idaho and Montana. The park is famous for its picturesque landscapes, diverse wildlife and geysers. Here you can see waterfalls, canyons, lakes and even a volcanic eruption. According to information from Wikipedia, 1,770 kilometers of marked trails were laid in the park - just imagine how many routes you can go.
xoxoxo Date: Jan 2nd @ 2:20am EST
Please accept my most sincere greetings and warmest wishes! Step into the future courageously and confidently, achieve new successes, accomplish the ideas you have in mind! I know you will manage everything!
Happy New Year 2020 !!! Date: Jan 1st @ 1:03am EST
Goodbye! Goodbye!
A year is done!
We worked! We played!
We learned! We laughed!
We had some fun!
Letâs be happy!
Letâs be safe!
Letâs be kind!
Welcome a new year!
HAPPY 2020!
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