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The Boy Who Lived Date: Jan 25th @ 6:54pm EST
He found it a lot harder to concentrate on drills that afternoon and when he left the building at five o'clock, he was still so worried that he walked straight into someone just outside the door.

"Sorry," he grunted, as the tiny old man stumbled and almost fell. It was a few seconds before Mr. Dursley realized that the man was wearing a violet cloak. He didn't seem at all upset at being almost knocked to the ground. On the contrary, his face split into a wide smile and he said in a squeaky voice that made passersby stare, "Don't be sorry, my dear sir, for nothing could upset me today! Rejoice, for You-Know-Who has gone at last! Even Muggles like yourself should be celebrating, this happy, happy day!"

And the old man hugged Mr. Dursley around the middle and walked off.

Mr. Dursley stood rooted to the spot. He had been hugged by a complete stranger. He also thought he had been called a Muggle, whatever that was. He was rattled. He hurried to his car and set off for home, hoping he was imagining things, which he had never hoped before, because he didn't approve of imagination.

As he pulled into the driveway of number four, the first thing he saw -- and it didn't improve his mood -- was the tabby cat he'd spotted that morning. It was now sitting on his garden wall. He was sure it was the same one; it had the same markings around its eyes.

"Shoo!" said Mr. Dursley loudly.
I've found a great place for a picnic, who's with me? lol! Waterfall Pongour, Vietnam Date: Jan 22nd @ 1:30am EST
Known As the city of Love, Dalat in Vietnam is an incredibly romantic place. There are beautiful waterfalls, poetic landscapes, rich history and culture. And a special place among this is occupied by the pongur waterfall. 100 meters in width and 40 in height, Pangur consists of 7 levels and flows into a small lake. The waterfall is surrounded by 25 hectares of untouched rainforest.
would you like our first kiss to be right here ? Jacob's Well, Texas Date: Jan 21st @ 12:28am EST
Jacob's well is a natural well with underwater caves that attract divers from all over the world. Scuba divers are not deterred even by the fact that this is not the safest place to dive. As well as tourists attracted by pure artesian water and legends
I would like to shoot a video about this place. It is so beautiful ... Pompeii, Italy Date: Jan 20th @ 12:56am EST
A city with sad fame. Together with most of the inhabitants, he was buried under the ashes from the eruption of the volcano Vesuvius in 79 AD. e. And today it is one of the most popular attractions in Italy. For a fee you can wander through the deserted streets (you can walk for a long time, so stock up on water). Here you can admire the ancient architecture, frescoes, mosaics
UK Political System Date: Jan 18th @ 1:17pm EST
The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is constitutional monarchy. This means that Great Britain is governed by the Parliament and the Queen is Head of State.

The legislative power in the country is exercised by the Houses of Parliament. The British Parliament consists of two chambers: the House of Lords and the House of Commons. The House of Lords is composed of hereditary and life peers and peeresses. The members of the House of Commons are elected by the people. They are elected from the constituencies in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The House of Commons is the real governing body of the United Kingdom.

The executive power is exercised by Prime Minister and his Cabinet. The government is usually formed by the political party which is supported by the majority in the House of Commons. Prime Minister is the majority party leader and is appointed by the Queen. Prime Minister chooses a team of ministers; twenty of the ministers are in the Cabinet.

The second largest party becomes the official opposition with its own leader and the Shadow Cabinet. The two leading parties in Great Britain are the Conservative Party (the Tories) and the Labour Party.

The judiciary branch of the government determines common law and is independent of both the legislative and the executive branches.

There is no written constitution in Great Britain, only precedents and traditions.
Would you like to be here? Horseshoe Bend, USA Date: Jan 18th @ 12:16am EST
We are returning to the Colorado River again. This time - to look at Podkova - a meander in the national recreation area of Glen Canyon. The place is very popular among tourists because it is really picturesque and here you can make excellent pictures for memory. And besides, it is very easy to get here: next to Horseshoe Bend is the road number 89.
Do you ever hear about it ? Date: Jan 15th @ 11:54pm EST
Scientists have proved that the air in the coniferous forest is almost sterile (no more than 200-300 harmful bacteria per cubic meter). A walk in a coniferous forest relieves stress and nervous tension, tones the body, activating gas exchange in the lungs and, as a result, improves breathing. Such walks are vital for heavy smokers and office workers.
Hello Hello, and you would like to Wake up one day in a tent and come out of it to see this place... Uluru, Australia Date: Jan 15th @ 12:07am EST
Uluru, or Ayers Rock, is one of the main natural attractions in Australia, which attracts more than 400 thousand people every year. The rock changes its color depending on the time of day and lighting and can be from bright orange to dark purple. Ancient aboriginal drawings have been preserved on the rock, and the whole place is covered with old stories and legends. Therefore, be sure to visit Uluru with a guide, learn a lot of interesting things.
I hasten to wish a good day! Date: Jan 13th @ 7:58pm EST
Let him be rich in vivid impressions and pleasant surprises!
Let the equipment not let you down, the connection will be at its best and the boss will certainly praise!
British food Date: Jan 11th @ 4:54pm EST
Foreigners often laugh at the British. They say "In Britain you get chips with everything!" But even the British don’t eat chips with their meals. To prove that, we decided to let you read a letter from the chief cook at Daphne’s in London.

â€"To my foreign friends,

I am always both amused and annoyed when I hear foreign people criticize British food. "It’s unimaginative," they say. "It’s boring, it’s tasteless, and it’s chips with everything and totally overcooked vegetables."

I have a theory about British cooking, and I was interested to read that several famous cookery writers agree with me. My theory is this. Our basic ingredients, when fresh, are so full of flavor that we haven’t had to invent sauces and complex recipes to disguise their natural taste. What can compare with fresh peas or new potatoes just boiled (not over boiled) and served with butter? Why drown spring lamb a wine or cream or yoghurt and spices, when with just one or two herbs it is absolutely delicious?

If you ask foreigners to name some typically English dishes, they will probably say "fish and chips" and then stop. It is disappointing, but true, that there is no tradition in Britain of eating in restaurants, because our food doesn’t lend itself to such preparation. British cooking is found in the home, where it is possible to time the dishes to perfection. So it is difficult to find a good English restaurant with reasonable prices.

It is for these reasons that we haven’t exported our dishes, but we have imported a surprising number from all over the world. In most cities in Britain you’ll also find Indian, Chinese, French and Italian restaurants. In London you’ll also find Indonesian, Lebanese, Iranian, German, Spanish, Mexican, Greek… Cynics will say that this is because we have no "cuisine" ourselves, but, well, you know what I think!
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